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In Canada, 16 percent of children may have mild or very mild dental fluorosis. While fluorosis is considered a cosmetic dental problem, we recommend that you supervise your children in their oral care routine to prevent dental fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is a is a condition that causes white lines or dots appear on your child’s teeth due to too much exposure to fluoride. Fluorosis typically occurs in the first eight years of life when the permanent teeth are still developing, and your children are exposed to too much fluoride.

Tooth whitening, bonding, use of crowns and veneers can help mask the stain caused by dental fluorosis. A method called acidic micro abrasion followed by remineralization can help recover dental surfaces affected by dental fluorosis.

According to the American Dental Association, fluorosis is not a disease and won’t affect dental health. In most cases, dental fluorosis is a minor cosmetic defect. Nevertheless, you should consult with your dentist to help improve the appearance of your children’s teeth affected by fluorosis.

If you have questions about fluorosis and its treatment, please contact Dr. Sidarous and Associates dental office in Saint-Laurent, Quebec.

-The Dr. Sidarous & Associates Team

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