Drink Milk for Strong Teeth!

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Here at Dr. Sidarous and Associates, we care about keeping your teeth healthy and strong. We make sure that your teeth and gums are protected from dental problems like decay and infection. Nevertheless, we also want to share that apart from our professional help, you can keep your teeth strong and healthy by drinking a common beverage at home – Milk.

According to various research, milk consumption can promote oral health. It contains many proteins and is anti-carcinogenic when you combine it with proper dental hygiene. Also, it has been researched that milk can decrease the acidity content of plaque on your teeth after eating sweet food and thus reducing your risk of having cavities and gum infection. What’s more, it was also demonstrated that milk could re-harden tooth enamel damaged by acidic drinks like soda.

Various research showed that Milk offers plenty of benefits to dental health. Drinking milk can hinder bacteria production and plaque formation. It can also aid in tooth remineralization. Therefore, if you want to protect your teeth from cavities, make sure that you drink milk every day.

While drinking milk can strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy, don’t forget to carry out a proper oral hygiene routine. Milk isn’t enough to keep your teeth healthy; you also have to eat a well-balanced meal, brush twice daily and floss once a day. Also, keep in mind that seeing a dentist every six months is essential to your oral health. If you want to learn more about milk benefits, don’t hesitate to contact our dental office at Saint-Laurent, Quebec.

-Dr. Sidarous & Associates Team

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