The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery

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Right after you had your wisdom teeth extraction, the most obvious question seems to be, “how long is the recovery period?”. Wisdom teeth extraction is considered to be a major dental surgery, especially as sedatives are used. There are specific instructions that must be followed before, during and after the procedure. While the wisdom teeth procedure ends after the wisdom teeth are removed, it is important to understand the recovery process.

Most of the time patients can get back to their regular day-to-day routine, 24 hours post-operative procedure of their wisdom teeth removal. However, specific activities are prohibited to prevent complications. Smoking, drinking alcohol and driving are some of the tasks that you need to stop after you had a wisdom teeth removal.

Recovery Time

Healing is generally faster on oral soft tissue wounds compared to the skin outside of your body. Wisdom teeth recovery time is usually anywhere from 3 days to 10 days. On the 10th day onwards, dentists typically remove the stitches from the site. Although the total amount of healing time depends on the wound area, the extraction site should look better at the end of the second week of post-op wisdom teeth removal.

On the 3rd and 4th week after your extraction, most of the soft tissue has healed completely, and despite the fact that new bone formation occurs as early as one week after wisdom teeth removal, the entire process completely ends by 6 to 8 months until new bone filled in your tooth’s empty socket.

Here at Dr. Sidarous & Associates, we make sure that our clients heal safely after any dental procedure. If you want to learn more about wisdom teeth recovery period, you may contact us at Dr. Sidarous & Associates in Saint-Laurent, Quebec. We are always ready to assist you with your dental needs!

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