Keep A Healthy Smile!

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We all want a beautiful and healthy smile. Taking good care of your teeth will help you to maintain it. We thought it was important to share with you some helpful tips.

Here are our 5 recommendations to keep a healthy smile:

Floss Daily! Remove that plaque that the toothbrush can’t reach. This will help to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

Visit Your Hygienist Twice a Year! A routine check-up is important to prevent periodontal disease. Your hygienist can remove the more difficult plaque that you can’t do on your own. They can also look out for other dental problems and help prevent them.

Quit Smoking! It causes stains on your teeth and can damage your gums too.

Reduce Coffee, Tea + Red Wine – These beverages can stain teeth and cause tooth enamel damage. Try to drink with a straw or limit the amount.

Buy a Quality Toothbrush! A good quality toothbrush will help keep your teeth looking their best.

For more dental tips, visit us in Saint Laurent at Dr Sidarous & Assoc.

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