It’s No Matter, with some Laughter!

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Do you have a fear of going to the dentist? At Smiles First Saint Laurent, we can help take the edge off. Introducing, Nitrous Oxide! You may know of this solution as “laughing gas”.

The gas is given to the patient through a mask, which is placed over their nose. At the same time, oxygen is also sent through the mask to make the gas safe and to help the patient breathe. The benefit to using nitrous oxide is it’s speed. It works much faster than other forms of sedation do. It communicates with the brain within 20 seconds of being administered. You’ll be able to feel the relaxing results in that time. The recovery from the sedation is also fairly quick.

Speak to us at Smiles First Saint Laurent about taking the edge off at your next dental appointment with a little laughing gas!

– Dr. Sidarous & Assoc

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